South Coast

Tucker's EXP Log

Tucker's Tinker Log

[Exit Light] +2 Relationship w/ Mina, Remove scar on face, +1 Connive; almost forgot what it takes to throw the police off your trial

[Crowning of The Black Empress] x1 Pinto, +1 to Relationship w/ Pop and his Auto Body shop

[R&R and AWOL] +1 Face; cause having to talk about deep stuff takes wording….., +1 Brains; been firing on all cylinders since Mina’s gone AWOL, +2 to Out-Think; Ever Vigilant.

[hockey.png ] +1 Relationship w/ Team; shits hit the fan but were back as a team atleast

[Little House on the Scary] +1 to Punching, me and Mina duked it out felt good


zduffguy Itsa_Weegee

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