Cyrus Lazos

"Okay, I start by taking off my pants"


Feet: 1/3
P.E: 1
Dodging: 1

Guts: 1/3
Wind: 1
Courage: 2

Hands: 3
Shop: 1
Rock Paper Scissors: 1
Hellfire: 3

Brains: 3
Notice: 2
Remember: 2
Out-think: 1

Face: 5
Charm: 4
Putdown: 3
Connive: 3

Mother: 3
His Mother’s Cooking: 2
Music: 0/1 (Crisis)
Lenny: 4
The Team: 2
Mina: 1
Belief: 2
Police: 1 (+1 to Face against Mundane Authority)

Butterfly Knight Pendant

Baseball Bat

Hell’s Razor (+3d)

Cyrus’ XP Log


Parents/Guardians: Alexandra Lazos (Mother)
Birth Date: November 27th
Age: 17
Gender: Male
School: South Coast Academy
Grade: High School

Height: 6’1"
Hair: Black, short, and very neat
Eyes: Dark and intense
Skin: Tanned
Description: Lean, chiseled, and with a winning smile, Cyrus looks like he walked right off the pages of a modeling magazine, and he knows it. He plays the role of the smug pretty boy to a T, charming everyone he can, and being completely dismissive of anyone he can’t. You’ll generally see him either smirking or displaying a brilliant smile.

Clothes: Dark blazer, light button-up shirt (with the top two buttons usually undone), and no tie. Wears a brown belt, light tan pants, and brown loafers. He wears a small, gold hoop earring on his left ear.

Favorite Thing: His mother’s cooking

Cyrus Lazos

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