GiAnt monster


Kid: Cyrus Lazos

Hit locations:
x1-3: Pincers – 10d (Attacks: Spray; Burn; Gnarly; Tough, Useful: Cut through tough materials)
x4-5: Head – 9d (Tough, Useful: Frightening glare)
6: Feelers – 4d (Useful: Detecting air vibrations, Useful: Prehensile)
7-8: Thorax – 10d (Defends)
9: Abdomen – 5d (Useful: Glows in the dark)
10: Clawed Legs – 4d (Attacks, Useful: Walking on walls)


Appearance: A monstrous, giant ant with a shining golden carapace. His head is a mess of gnashing mandibles, compound eyes, and long, prehensile feelers. He has spiky spines along his sides.

Personality: Proud and serious. Acts as something between a commander and father figure for Cyrus. Uncompromising, forceful, and incredibly stubborn, but generally looking out for Cyrus and trying to help him feel valued. Tends to get really annoyed by Cyrus’ “playboy” antics.

Favorite Thing: Sweet things, especially watermelon

Hiding: Shrinking down to the size of a regular ant.


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