Tucker Morgan

"Working as intended!"



Stats & Skills:
[1-2] Feet: 2/1

[3-6] Guts: 4
Wind: 2

[7-8] Hands: 5/3 (1scar)
Punching: 1
Block: 1
Shop: 3

[ 9 ] Brains: 5
Notice: 3
Out-Think: 3
Remember: 2

[ 10 ] Face: 2/1
Connive: 4
Rad Scar: 2

Normal Relationships:
Pop and his Auto Body shop x3
Street Racing x1
Team x1
Mina x2

Weird Relationships:
Tool Belt x2
SCIENCE!!!! x1

Weird Powers: (10 pts)
Hands + “Wonderfully Efficient” (Useful [Upgrade])
Sweet x1, Awesome x2 (3 pts)

Hands + All Purpose Power Gloves (Attack/Defends)
Gnarly x1, Tough x1 (3 pts)

Brains + Cybernetic Eye (Attack; Lazers/Useful [Telescopic Vision], Useful [Heat Vision])
Awesome x2 (4 pts)

The Black Empress


Name: Tucker Morgan
Age: 17

Appearance: Tucker’s a bit scrawny, not so say he isn’t well build though, his clothes and face always seems to be covered in oil or grease from his upgrades and tinkering.

Personality: Tucker’s a true friend and a very analytically thinker. He’s also one who once he takes a job or task, you can be sure he’s going to do his god damn best to get it done quickly and properly the first time through.

Favorite Thing: Tinkering and the like, although he’s open to most things if given a good reason to try it, food, anime, comics, etc. He’s also really into cars but that’s easier to tell then most things, being that he’s worked on cars for most of his life and he was an avid street racer, he hasn’t done any races since his joining of South Coast for two reasons, one he didn’t bring a car with him so hes had to save up and two he has yet to catch wind of any street races locally.

Dislikes: Superficial relationships, Tucker’s a true friend, you actually put in effort to get to know him he will stick by you through it all, but if you just try to know him because you feel obligated and only really scratch the surface, well then you’re more likely to get thrown under the bus you’re trying to avoid than the ones who actually got to know him. Cocky Assholes who are all talk, especially when they’re acting like they know something more than you or when they know exactly what your talking about, this pisses tucker off especially when he knows the subject really well like cars.

Family: An Auto Mechanic of a Father and a Mother crippled due to an unfortunate accident.


Tucker’s EXP Log

Tucker Morgan

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