Mina Goroshi

"I'm sorry."


Feet: 5
Military Training:3
Guts: 4
Wrestling: 1
Courage: 3
Wind: 2
Hands: 3
Punching: 2
Shop: 2
Brains: 3
Outthink: 1
Notice: 2
Face: 3

Relationships: Traumatic Past: 3, Dennis 5, Agent White 2, Prof. Goroshi: 2, South Coast Laboratories: 1, The Squad: 1, Vanish 2

Flash (not quite)light
Pocket full of pepper
Bowl of Soup from Gran


Monster: 21 volleyball sized floating eyeballs named Tessa
Description: Stands about 5’11" short pink hair, angular facial features, long arms and legs, blue eyes, probably smiling definitely not smiling.
Outfit: Blue T-shirt with a bloody toothy mouth design on the front, unclasped jacket modeled after Kaneda’s jacket from Akira, ripped jeans with “みなごろし” written down one leg, red doc martins, hot pink lipstick, blue blush, blue eyeshadow.

Black paramilitary uniform. Sergeant’s stripes on the shoulder, “Goroshi” sewn into the front. A pari of mirrored aviator shades. She wears a tactical belt holding a Flashlight and an extendable baton. A cold iron bowie knife is sheathed on her leg and a meticulously maintained M1911 rests on her hip. She is the epitome of combat ready, her childish personae has been shirked to reveal a girl brimming with the intensity of the sun.

Mina Goroshi

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