Lenny Richards

Young Indiana Jones, Exorcist


Feet: 2 (Tough)
PE: 3
Dodge: 3

Guts: 4 (Tough)
Courage: 4
Wind: 1

Hands: 2 (Tough)

Brains: 5 (Tough)
Outthink: 2
Remember: 4
Notice: 3 (+1 to notice ghosts)

Face: 3 (Tough)
Charm: 1
Putdown: 1
Connive: 2
Gonespeech: 2 (Useful, Awesome x2)

The Gone: 2 (Weird)
Travel: 2
Parents: 2
Puppy Sif: 1
The Crew: 2
Cyrus Lazos: 2


Parents: Nathan and Lara Richards
Birth Date: January 9
Gender: Male
School: South Coast Academy
Grade: High School

Appearance: Lenny is a fairly attractive young man, of average height and build. His day-to-day attire is usually towards the higher end of quality (and price tag). The moment he’s in the field, though, the classier clothes make way for what could only be described as “adventuring gear.” His hair is medium-length, and he’s exactly as groomed as can be managed given whatever circumstances he’s in.

Personality: Lenny is typically quiet, well-mannered, and eager to please. When traveling or in the field, however, he often becomes much more vibrant, either gushing with appreciation for ancient architecture or quite obviously panicking at the sight of an oncoming tyrannosaurus. His unique ties to “the Gone,” as he calls them, often lead him to more solemn (sometimes dramatic) behaviors; he takes his duties very seriously, whether purging a cursed artifact or helping a lost spirit move on.

Lenny Richards

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