Oliver Geet

The Dean


Feet (1)
Guts (3)
-Courage (5)
– Wind(1)
Hands (2)
-Shop (5)
Brains (5)
-Out think (5)
-Remember (0)
-Notice (2)
Face (2/3) 1 Scar
-Charm 2 ’

-SCIENCE!!!: 4
-My Dear Erma: 4
-My Dear Erma’s Cooking: 5
-The Kids: 4
-Patrick Hartford: 2
-Perseus Finch: 3


He is the man with the biggest desk on campus. The head of all this crazy students.

He is a taller man bent by age, at 108 years of age most people would be as well. Despite that Mr. Geet is still a major active member of South Coast. Nothing…or at least he thinks nothing gets by him. His almost no existent white hair seems to move on its own over his scalp when ever there is a gentle breeze. He face always wears a smile, warm and inviting. While he may be missing his left ear it wont stop him from finding out if something is a foot. He often wears dress shirts, with a rather eccentric ties which are never the same…ever. In his breast pocket he holds some fold-able reading glasses. They have a handle for him to hold it up to his eyes when he needs them.

He is one of two surviving founding members of Project Misdirection, he and a Patrick Hartford are all that remains of their old roots. While Hartford still stands firmly by the practices and methods of the Project when it started, Geet on the other hand embraces new ideas. He was the foremost advocate to start letting Monsters themselves join the ranks of men in the Project (provided they submit to full examination first).

Since the school itself holds only a few dozen students, Geet has a decent amount of time to spend on personal research, but he is always open to anything his students need him for. While he might not remember your name, he will never forget your face.

Oliver Geet

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