South Coast

Tucker's EXP Log
Tucker's Tinker Log

[Exit Light] +2 Relationship w/ Mina, Remove scar on face, +1 Connive; almost forgot what it takes to throw the police off your trial

[Crowning of The Black Empress] x1 Pinto, +1 to Relationship w/ Pop and his Auto Body shop

[R&R and AWOL] +1 Face; cause having to talk about deep stuff takes wording….., +1 Brains; been firing on all cylinders since Mina’s gone AWOL, +2 to Out-Think; Ever Vigilant.

[hockey.png ] +1 Relationship w/ Team; shits hit the fan but were back as a team atleast

[Little House on the Scary] +1 to Punching, me and Mina duked it out felt good

Lenny's EXP Log

[Exit Light/Well That Suddenly Got Real.] Learned the value of athleticism in the face of eldritch horror, +1 PE. Confronted a bigger, older monstrosity than he’s used to: +1 Courage. Learned that not every squad he joins is full of psychopaths and criminals, +2 relationship: The Crew. Really wants to avoid getting beat up by bigots, +1 Dodge. First kiss, +2 relationship: Cyrus.

(I forgot to do one before the other, sue me.)

Mina's EXP Log
The Machinations of Mina

[Enter Night] Melded with an ancient evil, +1 to Brains + Out-think; Used happy memories to fend off trauma, +1 to courage; Took up an impossible task, +1 to guts; Learned that not all missions need to be solo, +1 relationship: The Squad.

Cyrus' XP Log

[Exit Light] Used a gun for the first time, +1 Shop. Researched, thought critically, and connected key information, +1 Brains and +1 Remember. Stared into the eyes of an ancient eldritch horror, +1 Courage. Bonded considerably with the team, +2 relationship The Team.

[R&R/AWOL] Played so much Street Fighter, +1 Hands. BONDING, +1 Lenny. Became more observant and self-aware, +1 Remember/Notice/Out-think.

[hockey.png ] Booonding through mutual soul pain. Yeah! +1 relationship to Mina.

[Little House on the Scary] Just need to believe… +2 Belief.

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